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Reflections of my sobriety

A Journey Faced with Many Obstacles

My journey has been marked by numerous obstacles, moments of profound grief, and heart-wrenching losses. The death of my mother, followed by the tragic passing of my brother, who was the youngest of five, found with fentanyl in his system, plunged me into a state of questioning. Why did this happen? What could I have done differently? How could I have made a better difference in their lives?

The Catalyst of Grief and Reflection

The grief was overwhelming, but it also catalyzed deep reflection. My mother, who succumbed to congestive heart failure after several warnings to stop her battle with tobacco, is a constant presence in my thoughts. I miss her dearly; her passing has instilled a powerful sense of purpose. Similarly, my brother’s death, shrouded in the tragedy of substance use, left me searching for answers and meaning.

A Conversation and a Dream

The night my brother transitioned, we had a conversation that still echoes in my mind. I gently told him, "You have to stop using," he responded, "I ain't even on that." This denial was heartbreaking. Following his death, I had a vivid dream where we stood on a mountain. He was dressed in all white, and I asked again, "Are you still using?" He looked at me and repeated, "I ain't even on that," before ascending. This dream gave me solace, knowing he was finally free. It also stirred a profound realization within me about my sobriety and the freedom I had achieved. It became clear that my duty was to help others find their freedom.

Faith, Determination, and Advocacy

Through faith and determination, I have channeled my grief into advocacy. The memories of my mother and brother fuel my commitment to substance use outreach. Their lives and struggles have given me a precise reason to continue advocating for those without a voice. I honor their memory by working tirelessly to prevent others from facing the same fate.

Continuing the Mission

My mission is driven by a deep sense of responsibility and love for those I have lost. I must continue to reach out to those battling substance use, offering them hope, support, and a path to freedom. My obstacles have shaped me into a resilient advocate, determined to make a difference. My journey is far from over, but with every step, I carry the memories of my mother and brother, knowing that their legacy lives on through my work.

A Message of Hope and Empowerment

As a motivational speaker, community advocate, outreach coordinator, life coach, and entrepreneur, I share my story to inspire others. I want people to know there is hope, even amid immense loss. We can turn our pain into purpose through faith, determination, and a commitment to helping others. My advocacy is not just a tribute to my loved ones but a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. Together, we can overcome temptations and challenges, finding strength in our shared experiences and a brighter future for all.

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