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Beyond Temptation LLC Announces their 2023 Vison Board Workshop in Forrest City Arkansas

Forrest City, Arkansas – March 29, 2023 – Beyond Temptation LLC, founded by Mrs. Eleanor M. Fondren, is pleased to announce the 2023 Vison Board Workshop. The workshop is scheduled to take place on April 29, 2023, in Forrest City, Arkansas. The event is designed to bring together knowledgeable scholars, researchers, and community leaders to explore crucial and important topics in the community, as well as to assist those seeking guidance and motivation to bring their vison into fruition.

The 2023 Vison Board Workshop offers an excellent opportunity for networking, socializing, and brainstorming with colleagues and community members. It is a chance to engage with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for growth, change, and community betterment.

Beyond Temptation LLC invites organizations to become partners and sponsors of this event. The sponsorship offers organizations the opportunity to gain visibility in front of an audience that will benefit from and value their participation in the workshop.

There are various sponsorship options to choose from, depending on budget and interest. Interested organizations can contact Mrs. Eleanor M. Fondren at 870-270-3447 or mail the sponsorship form before April 15, 2023, with check or money order to Beyond Temptation LLC at 224 W. Franklin, Forrest City Arkansas 72335.

The 2023 Vision Board Workshop is sponsored by The House of Opportunity, Fire ballers JB Sports, CK Family Matters, Tiffany’s Finishing Touches, Crowley’s Ridge Development, Beyond Temptation, Encompass Lives and Red or Green Events.

“We are excited to host the 2023 Vision Board Workshop and bring together leaders in the community to explore important topics and create a vision for the future,” said Mrs. Eleanor, Owner and Founder of Beyond Temptation LLC. “We invite organizations to join us as sponsors and partners in this event, and we look forward to a successful and meaningful workshop.”

For more information about the 2023 Vison Board Workshop, please visit Beyond Temptation LLC’s website at




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